David Ludwig

I’m an associate professor in the Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation Group of Wageningen University in the Netherlands where I’m also the PI of the Global Epistemologies and Ontologies (GEOS) Project. 

Our research combines philosophical and empirical methods in exploring different modes of knowledge production and their relations to livelihoods and social realities. I’m particularly interested in: 

The relations between different epistemic communities such as environmental scientists, Indigenous communities, policy makers, and smallholder farmers
In this domain, we aim to develop a methodology of critical transdisciplinarity that highlights partial overlaps which provide both common ground for collaboration and entry points for political negotiation of difference. 

The ontological dimensions of knowledge diversity
We explore how ontologies are intertwined with heterogeneous epistemic and social practices - from Indigenous ontologies in nature conservation to controversies about the ontological status of race in scientific practice. 

The interaction of science and global justice
Here, we aim to understand how scientific practices contribute to (in)justice and explore disruptive forms of knowledge production beyond a linear export of modern science and technology.


Chairgroup Knowledge, Technology and Innovation

GEOS project


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Chairgroup Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
Wageningen University and Research