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David Ludwig

David Ludwig

I’m a transdisciplinary researcher and philosopher focused on questions of social and environmental change. I want to understand how science & technology can produce positive change for both people and planet. I’m also trying to understand better why science & technology often accelerate economic exploitation and environmental destruction instead of making the world a better place. In exploring these broad themes, my current research interests are:

  1. Methods for Transdisciplinarity and Transformation
    How can diverse actors - natural & social scientists, farmers, social activists, philosophers, community elders, policymakers, union workers, teachers, science communicators - collaborate in addressing social and environmental crises? What methods disrupt the status quo in actually fostering transformative change?
  2. Global Epistemologies and Ontologies
    How are science, technology, and innovation (STI) negotiated across different cultural contexts? How do STI systems respond to tensions between different epistemic practices and worldviews?
  3. Knowledge Institutions and Science Governance
    How do institutions such as universities and NGOs ignite or stifle transformative change?
  4. Science, Technology, Innovation (STI), and Justice
    What is 'just science' and how can researchers contribute to the development of “just technologies” and 'just innovations'? How can we foster STI ecosystems that contribute to the creation of just futures?

Chairgroup Knowledge, Technology and Innovation

GEOS project